5 to 12 – Europe is waiting, action in Berlin

Berlin SiegessäuleThis afternoon a huge banner was put on Berlin’s Siegessäule. It read: “5to12 – Europe is waiting”. The action was a clear sign to the heads of government meeting in Berlin this weekend to move forward with an ambitious Constitutional project.

There is also a website for the action, where photos can be downloaded. The symbolic photo gallery is also showing photos of famous clocks from all over Europe – standing at 5 to 12 – and waiting for Europe to deliver.

Check out for pictures from this brilliant action at www.5to12.eu

Berliner Zeitung covered the action as well (their photo is not online unfortunately).

At the same day JEF activists demonstrated in Rome at the parliamentary meeting celebrating the EU’s 50th birthday. For the rest of the day the activists for gathering signatures for the referendum campaign. To everyone’s surprise Valery Giscard d’Estaing turned up, took the petition and returned it signed some minutes later. – If he had only supported the referendum in 2003…

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