60 years Europa-Union, Altmaier new president

This weekend was a good one for Europa-Union Deutschland (EUD). The 60 year anniversary of Europa-Union’s foundation in Syke in 1946 was celebrated in the very same village near Bremen yesterday. Apart from the less exciting but still positive remarks and contributions by various politicians (exclusively male!!), the real high point was a speech by Swiss Europhile Adolf Muschg. It has not happened very often that such a bright observer of European integration addresses our organisations. I was very excited about Muschg’s speech and its positive welcoming.

Sunday then saw the typical resolution business, panel debate (again all male) and Verbandsgeschäfte. But the real breakthrough for EUD and the years to come is the election of Peter Altmaier as new president. He is probably one of the most knowledgeble EU experts in Germany, he has always sticked to his European and federalist believes even when this did not always suit best his political career. But more than that I value his real commitment from the first times I met him. Back in and around 2002 he was of great help to establish and run the intergroup Constitution in the Bundestag. And on top of that was happy to hang out for beers with us afterwards. If any politicians has shown that he is a man of this movement (and beyond that a great friend of JEF), then it is Peter Altmaier. Congratulations to him for obtaining 97% of the votes and the trust of this organisation (some more information in EUD’s press release). JEF-Europe will happily work together you Peter in the months to come and we are looking forward to see him on our activities during the German presidency.

When I was sitting at the back-benches I was wondering why Altmaier stayed so close to our Bavarian Baron von Cetto. Have a look at this:

Altmaier & von Cetto

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