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Europäische Wirtschaftsregierung – Kampfbegriff oder föderale Vision?

„European Monetary Union“ oder „Economic and Monetary Union“?

Schon lange wird die EU von vielen als Projekt wirtschaftlicher Integration wahrgenommen. Wohl nicht nur aus diesem Grund forderten linke Europapolitiker/-innen erst im vergangenen Europa-Wahlkampf als vermeintlichen Ausgleich das „Soziale Europa“. Nach den großen Vertragsänderungen zur Einführung der Einheitlichen Europäischen Akte (Mitte der 1980er) und dem Maastricht Vertrag (Anfang der 1990er) fragt man sich heute allerdings, warum wir auf einmal so tun, als sei eine „Europäische Wirtschaftsregierung“ etwas Neues. Haben wir nicht schon lange eine europäische Wirtschaftspolitik, die gerade auf europäischer Ebene gestaltet wird? Und hat diese Wirtschaftspolitik etwa keine „Regierung“?

Europäische Wirtschaftsregierung heute ist vielfältig – und inkonsequent

Wer glaubt, wir würden beim Thema Wirtschaftsregierung in der EU bei Null anfangen, scheint die EU nicht zu verstehen. Schon heute gestaltet die EU zentrale wirtschaftliche Fragestellungen über den Binnenmarkt, die Verbraucher- und Umweltpolitik, über den Energiemarkt, über den Handel, über sensible Politiken wie Landwirtschaft und Fischerei aber auch über die Wirtschaftsförderung („Regional- oder Kohäsionspolitik“). Hier besitzt die EU besondere Kompetenzen, während Continue reading

Irlands NO: bittere Pille für das Europa der Regierungen

Die vergangenen drei Tage in Dublin waren äußerst spannend, das Ergebnis des Referendums ist frustrierend. Es ist schon interessant wie eine (oder alle?) Regierung(en) Europa so an die Wand fahren können. Das durchschlagende Echo der Leute auf der Straße war, dass sie einfach den Eindruck hatten, dass sich keiner Mühe gegeben hat, ihnen den Lissabon Vertrag zu erklären. Aber wie auch? – Der Vertrag ist komplex und zu unkonkret für einen Straßenwahlkampf wie man ihn heutzutage führen muss. Dem Lissabon Vertrag fehlt eine Idee von Europa. Seine technischen Nachbesserungen hier und da sind zwar zu begrüßen, aber mit welchen Schlagworten kann man denn wirklich die Verbesserungen für Andrea Normalverbraucherin zuspitzen?

Meine Eindrücke und Schlussfolgerungen hab ich in einem Gastbeitrag für zusammengefasst. Hier kann man ihn lesen.

Campaigning in Ireland: Dublin this week

European Youth for an Irish YES

Ireland has the choice. This Thursday the people of Ireland will be the only EU citizens voting directly on the adoption of the Lisbon Treaty. According to the latest opinion polls, the outcome is in no way clear. Therefore, I have decided to go to Ireland and try to convince some of the many undecided voters. To vote. And to vote in favour.

My initiative is a part of the wider “European Youth for an Irish YES” campaign of which JEF is a partner.

Europe United – à la francaise

The federalist anthem “Europe United” performed by some federalists and a youth theatre group in Grenoble – wonderful. Europe à la francaise: decication, soul, inspiration, theatre… This video is sooooo great!

Check it out here.

Credits to Spinelli for having spent some of his best years on Ventotene and coming up with the famous manifesto there… to the Italian federalists for organising a fantastic seminar there each Septemer, to Anders, Jon and Malena for being inspired by this and writing Europe United – and to JEF France for lip serving to the federalist anthem together with the youth theatre of Grenoble! Fantastic.

Life after JEF

JEF logoIt has been two fantastic years as president of JEF-Europe. But since 20 October 2007 Samuele Pii has now the task to lead this great organisation (an overview of his new team is here). – Two years of NGO life besides a full-time job have indeed been a challenge – and sometimes brought me close to my limits. But the team experience with my Bureau – as well as the great will-power, capabilities and ideas of the people inside this most European of any European youth NGOs have been a worthy experience all the way down till the congress in Copenhagen.

However, life moves on – and so should I. A second term (has not been happening for ages in JEF) could have been possible, Continue reading

JEF PR: Communication policy needs a legal basis

The Young European Federalists (JEF Europe) welcome the Commission’s communication “Communicating Europe in Partnership” which is going to be presented on Wednesday. However, its key project, an inter-institutional agreement (IIA) on communication will not be enough. Jan Seifert, President of JEF Europe, stated: “If we really want to be serious about EU communication policy we need a constitutional base embedded in the Reform Treaty”.

The JEF president explained: “Today there is a lack of agreement and priorities between the institutions when it comes to communication policy. Instead of working together, Continue reading

A meeting with Belarus opposition leader Milinkevich

Milinkevich, Seifert

It is a rainy summer week in Strasbourg. The Bearus opposition leader Milinkevich and his wife Inna are attending a summer university organised by the Council of Europe. Thanks to a friend a short-notice meeting between the Milinkevichs (Alaksandr and his wife Inna) could be organised.

Mr Milinkevich is very grateful that JEF has organised the Belarus action for the second consecutive year (see my entries with the Press Release here). Raising awareness for the situation in Belarus is and will be an ongoing challenge for all democrats. Asked about how JEF can further remain involved and useful, Mr Milinkevich suggested us to get in touch with his young advisers in Minsk. He was also convinced that some of his activists can be helpful in preparing the ground for a JEF section in Belarus Continue reading

JEF PR: European Political Foundations paving the way for a true European dialogue

JEF welcomes the Commission’s endorsement of the revision of the financing statute for political parties and the introduction of European political foundations. After the introduction of the financing of European political parties, the introduction of European political foundations remained to be done as the next logical step. JEF calls on the Council and European Parliament to give swift support to the proposed amendments to have them finalised by the end of the year.

Jan Seifert, President of JEF-Europe commented:
“The great innovation of today’s proposals is the introduction of European Political Foundations. These foundations can play an important role in further fostering the debate about Europe within and outside the networks of the European Political Parties. Developing further the European political space is a central task for the European political parties. We call on the parties to make use of the new opportunities the foundations offer to them also to increase their outreach to European NGOs Continue reading

JEF PR: EU summit – Proclaimed success is democratic failure

European Council picturesAfter months of secret Sherpa negotiations outside of parliamentary control, European leaders came together to this weekend’s EU summit to fix the institutional impasse for the better – or worse. The further weakening of the frail Constitutional Treaty is the ultimate evidence of the Union’s biggest structural problem: The right of every random government to stop Europe from moving forward and tackling the challenges of our future.

The Young European Federalists (JEF Europe) are deeply concerned about the outcome of last night’s EU summit. Jan Seifert, President of JEF Europe, described the so-called Reform Treaty as “a sad end to the least democratic Treaty reform process in EU’s history“. He further commented: “The worst of nationalist-bureaucratic Europe has struck back. As a consequence of the Sherpa negotiations between unelected bureaucrats national parliaments, civil society and citizens have been completely side-lined.” Continue reading

Wallström answers to JEF open letter – Germans don’t

Just a few hours ahead of the start of the European Summit I am receiving Margot Wallström’s answer to JEF’s Open Letter to the heads of government, Commission and European Parliament. The open letter was published on this blog right after sending it out on 13 June. This is what I call good communication policy! Given the Commission’s lack of ambition right after the no votes in France and Netherlands, it also does not go unnoticed that Barroso and Wallström have been surprisingly outspoken in favour of a serious Treaty reform and in opposition to Merkel’s Sherpa secrecy.
I wonder if Chancellor Merkel ever bothers to answer to our letter… would not surprise me if the German government did not care.

JEF’s Open Letter on EU reform

Margot Wallström’s answer