Check your own energy consumption at home – easy game

The OwlI came across these practical tools in an article in today’s Economist. There are two devices which help you to check your energy consumption at home. The Owl and the Wattson are both connected to your power transmitter (Zähler) and then you can put a remote anywhere in your house/flat and see at what rate you currently consume electricity.

The owl is a bit of a smaller thing and comes at £49.95 (Green picture on top; direct order from their website). The Wattson is a bit more advance (reminds of B&O design, see photo below) and comes at £149.50 (direct order from their website).

While I was looking up these two devices I also came across a nice list of The Guardian’s Top 10 Green Gadgets. Maybe inspirational also for other aspects 🙂 And do not forget to check out if you want to compare the ecological parameters of your next consumer good buy.

The Wattson

1 thought on “Check your own energy consumption at home – easy game

  1. Jon Worth

    So when are you installing one then?

    I’ve had an OWL since October – excellent device. It helps a lot to work out what appliances are wasteful of electricity.

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