Commissioner Kyprianou to step down and become new Cypriot foreign minister

Rumours (e.g. Reuters) have it that EU Health Commssioner Markos Kyprianou from Cyprus will return to his home island in the coming days. Apparently the new Cypriot president Christofias will install Kyprianou as his foreign minister. One of his prime tasks then would be to open fresh negotiations for the re-unification of the island.
It is expected that his retirement from the Commission will be announced officially on Friday, but most likely the story will go public tomorrow. Reuters mentions Androulla Vassiliou (United Democratic Party) as a possible replacement within the same portfolio. However, in connection with the expected retirement of Frattini (to campaign for Berlusconi) and a possible retreat of Spanish Commissioner Almunia (if Solana becomes Mr CFSP and Commission Vice-President in January) a wider re-shuffle of Commission posts and portfolios is possible.
Unfortunately, Vassiliou does not seem to have her own website – and neither have I found any wider background info on her. What you find is that she is wife of Cypriot ex-president George Vasiliou. Ignorant as I am, I had to read a little into (Greek) Cypriot politics – to understand that it is as much a family business as in Greece. President Vasiliou (1988-1993) was preceded by President Spyros Kyprianou (1977-1988) who – are you surprised? – is the father of outgoing Commissioner Markos Kyprianou.

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  1. Jon Worth

    🙂 Agh, don’t be so nasty. There are less than 1 million of them! Plus among 80 million Germans they came up with Verheugen as the Commissioner, so you shouldn’t have too high standards.

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