European election party in London

logoelections2009_enOn Thursday people will (not) vote for the European Parliament in the United Kingdom. Interested people like me might wonder if there is any “election party” organised (as I know it from elsewhere). So I enquired at the EP’s London office. The answer is that there is no party organised. But:

The European Parliament has information for media about their own coverage via webTV from Brussels.

Moreover for those interested, BBC2 is showing two programmes on Sunday, one at 19.30h and then a longer one from 22h.

I am still talking to friends to set up a small “party” somewhere, so if you are interested to join, let me know.

If you wonder why UK results are only going public on Sunday, keep in mind that no country is allowed to issue any results until Sunday evening when the last (and majority of) countries have closed the ballot boxes.

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