French MEP starts campaign for EP to move to Strasbourg

One CityI have just seen this new and pretty embarrassing campaign “One City” for the European Parliament to have only one seat – in Strasbourg. After this is not really a creative idea. Also it is quite embarrassing when there is only one (French) MEP behind this. Brigitte Fouré is not the kind of MEP who is known for her dedicated work in the EP (actually this is the first time I take note of her name). Have a look yourself and let’s see if she manages to make this a real European campaign – multilingual (it is not even there in German while at the same time she puts great emphasis on Strasbourg’s bicultural character)…

Give it a look yourself:

4 thoughts on “French MEP starts campaign for EP to move to Strasbourg

  1. Gaëtan Claeys

    Hello Jan,

    I have just look at this campaign … there is now a German translation available!

    However it’s clear it would be more convincing if there would be support for this initiative from more member states. I assume it will be difficult to get this support with the coming European elections.

    I think you are not very fair when you say “Brigitte Fouré is not the kind of MEP who is known for her dedicated work in the EP”. She has just arrived in the EP, reimplacing since January 2008 Jean-Louis Bourlanges.

    Best greetings,

    Gaëtan Claeys
    Young Europeans France

  2. Jan Seifert

    Gaëtan, you are right in your comment about B. Fouré. It is probably hard to judge her work as a new member (which had slipped my very superficial research about her). But precisely because she is a new member I would rather expect her to focus on her parliamentary work in committees etc instead of launching such a non innovative “campaign”.

  3. Geoff Miller

    Just seen the one city campaign and Googled it which came up with your far more informative blog instead.

    WIth only just over 1,000 signatures (and some of the names looking more than a little dodgy) it would appear that the campaign has yet to take Europe by storm.

    Personally I hope the anti-Strasbourg movement finds more momentum, the parliament never moves back in and the two million Euros wasted every month de-camping to Strasbourg is spent on something more constructive. The French would, of course, complain endlessly but it is one of the most visible signs of hopelessly out of date EU wastage that could be eliminated tomorrow.

    It’s about time the EU did something bold, breaking with tradition and genuinely popular across Europe, instead of pandering to a nation that would like to eternally be stuck in some 60s time warp.

    How appropriate that the prospect of the French presidency of the EU caused the parliament building to commit suicide. Now can the EU finally put the poor building out of its misery, sell it and allow someone else to give it a purpose that is more practical and valuable?

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