From Brussels to London, smooth check-in at LSE

After some very good time in Brussels it was time to move on. So, since Wednesday I am a Londonian now 🙂

LSE logo + nameBut whether my time here is to be limited we have to see. I have inscribed for a Masters at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) at the heart of this great city. For the coming 12 months I should come out with some new perspectives. Not only for this blog but obviously mainly for my life, my learning and my future. New projects are naturally in preparation and until the end of the year I should know where I am heading. Until then I can only praise the LSE’s efforts for a smooth integration of its new students: useful information was sent to me way in advance. More current updates came in by email and the registration at the school was the smoothest thing I have ever seen at any university (and this is somehow my 5th!). Even though I had arrived a little earlier than foreseen by LSE, I could immidiately receive my student card and gain complete access to all services. Internet is running in my comfortable student residence (except for the SMTP). Only a fridge is waiting to be delivered tomorrow.

But more than that I have just spent a wonderful (last?) summer weekend in Dorset with great walks, good food and interesting discussions (i.a. about organic cidre farming) in between a wonderful countryside. May the year continue like this!

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