German Greens afraid of European referendum?

It was a big weekend for the German Green Party in Cologne. Annual party congress with elections to the board. It is good to recognise Malte Spitz’s election – with him at least a committed JEFer remains represented in the national party board 🙂 )

Now that I read the summaries on the Green website, I however wonder why there is no reference to the European referendum idea!? If anything I thought this to be the most controversial issue between the Bundestag group and the MEPs… strange. In general, however, the adopted resolution has a clear-cut position on a slightly reformed Constitution text that is strongly based on the Constitutional Treaty. Let’s see how much of an input all Green thinking has in the coming months with Merkel and her sherpa running the show behind the scenes.

Can anyone explain to me what is so bad about this proposed new logo?!

Green Party failed logo
Maybe this more ironic version is the better one? 🙂


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