Happy New Year (in Slovakian) and the blogging

After more than two months without my blog, I could not wait to get started again. There are just too many things that should not go uncommented, so here we go again.

As much as I will try to improve my writing on this blog, I must admit that I have become a little unfaithful. I have started to blog about career perspectives for the LSE’s Finalists Blog and I will also try to share some thoughts about the EU budget on a new project called FollowTheMoney.eu. But whenever I feel that my comments on those blogs can also be interesting for my readers here, I shall notify you here.

But let’s call it a night – and a happy new year – with this great New Year’s card from our old family friend Ilja from Slovakia who reminds us of the great development of Slovakia joining the Euro by Januar 1st 2009.

Happy New Year 2009 - à la Slovakian

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