IHT covers whodoicall.eu – One President for the EU

International Herald Tribune logoToday’s International Herald Tribune (IHT) covers Jon and my website initiative www.whodoicall.eu on page 3 – including excellent quotes from Jon.

As Jon rightly points out in his blog comment, we are very happy about any reference or indeed support for this idea which needs to gather wider back-up. What is interesting is that Jacques Santer supported the idea in his speech at yesterday’s UEF Groupe Europe event in Brussels. He pointed out that he and other representatives of the small member states were the ones filing the proposal in the Convention.

Now, Jon and I have to see how we get supporters like Santer more prominently placed in the campaign. Some media have already indicated wider coverage, should we get some more prominent supporters. Any feedback welcome – in particular suggestions for politicians or celebraties to approach for support!?

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