JEF Belarus action a massive success

What started in March 2006 with 20 or so JEF sections participating went up to 60 cities all over Europe (and even the US and Canada) last night. JEF marked the first “anniversary” of Lukasehnko’s fake elections with a Europeanwide action gagging statutes and demanding the voice of the people of Belarus to be heard.

Apparently, the Belarus KGB even banned the JEF website from access in Belarus but still a lot of media featured the JEF action over there. Now let us only hope that our action has an impact and the EU takes its responsibility towards Belarus more serious. A next good step would be to engage with Russia in a serious dialogue and think about an exit strategy for that wannabe ince-hockey player Lukashenko. Maybe we could find him a quiet place somewhere in northern Canada or Sibiria?

You can find more on the action on . EUobserver has also featured the event (though without mentioning JEF).

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