Life after JEF

JEF logoIt has been two fantastic years as president of JEF-Europe. But since 20 October 2007 Samuele Pii has now the task to lead this great organisation (an overview of his new team is here). – Two years of NGO life besides a full-time job have indeed been a challenge – and sometimes brought me close to my limits. But the team experience with my Bureau – as well as the great will-power, capabilities and ideas of the people inside this most European of any European youth NGOs have been a worthy experience all the way down till the congress in Copenhagen.

However, life moves on – and so should I. A second term (has not been happening for ages in JEF) could have been possible, but in the end this is a youth NGO and when approaching the 30s, I shall allow myself to look for new challenges. Maybe this will be in our “adult” organisation UEF or through the European Movement International (EMI) where we are preparing a platform for the 2009 elections. Who knows. But what is sure is that I will keep JEF in good memories and try to help it where I can. The nest step is the establishment of the Friends of JEF foundation to connect closer the “alumnus” of JEF with the current activities. More about this on

Obviously, I also hope to find more time to re-engage more on this blog with better and more EU-Brussels insight information and analysis.

4 thoughts on “Life after JEF

  1. Shane Gilchrist Ó hEorpa


    maybe its time for you to grow up and be a real man? 😉

    it would be good if you can get on the UEF Board – i ll look forward to the day when ure there 🙂

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