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Logo Uni HHA few months ago I supported here the survey of a researcher from Universität Hamburg. She sums up her research issue about Eurobloggers on her website:

“This field study examined motivational processes for participation in the political blogosphere on European politics, the “Euroblogosphere”, from a social psychological perspective. The main aim was to contribute to a better understanding of key motivators for participation in the Euroblogosphere: is it used as a source for expert information and debate on European politics or additionally represents a community of (mainly) Europeans that engages in collective action for the sake of shared goals, such as influence on European politics or the development of a European public sphere?”

She puts some of her findings like this:

“We have shown that the Euroblogosphere is a partial public sphere of very informed and committed citizens (mainly Europeans, but also “Europe-Affiliates”) who are interested in European politics, identify with Europeans (at least the Europhiles), wish to have a well-founded discussion and want to improve things in the EU. However, for several reasons it is not appropriate to speak of a unified community or even “movement” (yet). First of all, there are the two fractions of Eurosceptics and Europhiles with antagonistic political attitudes. Second, there is no conscience of a politicized collectivity yet, which serves for collective identification. Third but not less important, collective goals do not contribute to the willingness to participate and, hence, people do not engage in collective action (e.g. cover collectively certain “cases” to gain attention of the mass media or politicians; if at all, this development is still at the beginning).”

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