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Merkel clarifies position on nomination of German commissionier

I have previously written here about the nomination of the next German EU Commissioner. Now that these speculations have geared up in recent days Angela Merkel has sent her spokesman out to clarify her position. According to an article in Frankfurter Rundschau the decision for the next German Commissioner will be taken a) by this government and b) in consensus between the governing parties.

The newspaper mentions Altmaier, Hintze, Brok and Koch as possible candidates for the CDU.

What is interesting in all these debates in Germany is that there has been no demand or speculation whatsoever for one of the three top posts for a German politician. It is only some foreign newspapers and commentators who mention Merkel as a candidate for the job of president of the European Council. But under given circumstances this scenario is utterly unlikely as long as Merkel has the best chances of winning the next general election in September 2009.