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European Parliament sponsored by BMW

Hydrogen BMW entrance PHSIt must be for more than two months by now that a prominenently parked hydrogen BMW (“Clean Energy”) is standing at the main entrance of the European Parliament on Rue Wiertz. For security reasons not even bikes are allowed to be “parked” there normally, but for dear Bavarian car-maker BMW (read: Bayerische Motoren Werke) exceptions are nothing but expected. Now my first thought was that Parliament’s President “HGP” is simply keeping the new and extra car (besides his two official cars) close to his belt, but no. This BMW must be the third (car) in the fleet for our very mobile President – note his extensive travelling in the Middle East. Given the current energy price volatility the President is most likely acting in best intentions though. If he cannot broker peace in the Middle East during this summer, he might consider that future oil consumption of his car fleet could be better met by introducing a much less oil-dependent technology – such as hydrogen.

Hydrogen BMW frontal

You cannot really miss the commercial space on the bling-bling BMW’s side (see picture) indicating that this car is not only to keep pace with this other (EU) President, bling-bling Sarkozy, but might actually follow a new energy philosophy by the high house and its present ruler HGP.

Hydrogen. Hm. Sounds like renewable energies and Green and water and … Hey, but wait. The thing about hydrogen-powered Continue reading