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The EU budget in 2009

On FollowTheMoney.eu I have published a first article with some thoughts about the main developments with regards to the EU budget in 2009. This article looks at the budget review, the possible denial or delay of discharge for the Council and the provision of new transparency data.

In a second article to be published later this week by now I will speculate on the impact of the European elections on budgetary policy in the European Parliament and the Commission – including my guess for the next Budget Commissioner.

Juncker to be European Council president, Miliband EU foreign minister

Apparently the game is set. WELT am Sonntag (or AFP) writes yesterday that a deal has been struck for all the upcoming EU top posts in 2009. Thanks to a clever buy-out of the British (by appointing Brown’s most likely challenger David Miliband as EU foreign minister) Juncker can become president of the European Council and Barroso can remain Commission President. Welt writes that even the liberals will have a job: Anders Fogh Rasmussen may become NATO Secretary General. The 2009 table should look like this then:

Commission President: Barroso (again from November 2009 as leader of the new Commission)

EU High Representatitive for Foreign Policy (foreign minister): David Miliband (from November 2009 – with the new Commission)

President of the European Council: Jean-Claude Juncker (from 1st January)

EP president: Jerzy Buzek (EPP, first half), Martin Schulz (PPE, second half – if not German EU Commissioner)

NATO Secretary General: Anders Fogh Rasmussen

Obviously the Brith Foreign Office is denying the speculations… (s. Reuters). But to me the whole deal makes a lot of sense. Not only that the chosen people are promising to be capable, but also in terms of political logic this mighit actually work out.