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40 Greens in the 2009-2014 European Parliament (my guess)

Think Big, Vote GreenTomorrow night Europe will have voted and the configuration of the new European Parliament will be known (sorry guys, Eurovision was a few weeks ago). Before that crucial vote I shall guesstimate the composition of the future Green Group in the European Parliament here!

My guess is that there will be 40 original Green members of the Group. This would mean MEPs from member parties of the European Green Party (EGP). However, I expect the group to renew its alliance with EFA (European Free Alliance), the European party of the regionalists parties which I expect to maintain their 6 seats. Moreover, I assume that this common group will also include the 1 MEP of the Swedish Pirate Party. In total the Greens-EFA will then have 47 members out of the new total of 732. This would see a total increase of 4 MEPs and an even higher percentage increase from currently 5,5% to 6,4% in the new chamber due to the changing composition (Nice Treaty).

The following gives an overview of all countries where I expect the Greens to win seats:

Austria: 1
Belgium (Ecolo): 2
Belgium (Groen): 1
Denmark: 2 Continue reading

Watch your MEP… but how?

VoteWatch.euI am currently participating in the European Open Data Summit in Brussels. You can follow us via twitter #eods09 and I am also publishing further observations on FollowTheMoney.eu.

The event was kicked-off yesterday with a presentation of EU Vote Watch. – VoteWatch.eu is going to be launched next week. Its aim is to present the voting record and behaviour of Members of the European Parliament (EP). To publish voting records, the website draws on Roll-Call Vote (RCV) data from the European Parliament. The registration of RCVs can be requested by groups in the European Parliament on more or less any vote (and amendment) they like. A few hours after any vote, the record can be seen on the EP’s website. The sponsors of the VoteWatch.eu project aim to have the data inside their own website just a few hours after Parliament publishes them. Prior to this new website, there had been a very similar project by the Romanian Institute of Public Policy (IPP). Now, Doru Frontescu, the main protagonist of this previous project has joined VoteWatch.eu but unfortunately their old website www.ippro-mep.eu is not publicly available anymore. Another angle at things is the German project Abgeordnetenwatch, where you can publish questions to national MPs but also MEPs and some kind of peer pressure is bringing most MPs to answer these publicly.

The challenge: translating information into action

After the presentation Continue reading

EPP to nominate Commission President at Convention

EPP logoThe European People’s Party (EPP) is planning to nominate its candidate for the post of Commission President at an American-style “Convention” in Warsaw in April 2009 (s. Europolitique). However, the realisation of this idea depends on the future of the Lisbon Treaty EPP tells. In addition to a common candidate the EPP is also preparing a “common legislative programme” for the next term which is to be adopted in Warsaw at the same Convention.

But with a Convention in town and the close Polish-American relations I am only wondering if Obama or McCain (or Pope Benedict?) will be invited to speak to the European delegates?