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Chasing Brussels podcast

Together with fellow EU bloggers Julien Frisch, Joe Litobarski and Conor Slowey, we have started the EU politics podcast “Chasing Brussels”. We aim to release a podcast every (other) week. The format is that 2-4 of us are debating a current EU topic of our interest for 15-30 minutes.

Please find our first two recordings on Joe’s website. Our first debate was on the outcome of the German election and its implications for the EU. The second debate was recorded on monday night (me moderating) and focuses on the Irish referendum. – Many thanks to Joe for editing the recordings and putting them online!

In the future you can find all the podcasts on our Chasing Brussels website and you can follow us on Twitter. In the coming weeks we shall also try to register through iTunes.

Any feedback is very much appreciated!

Moravcsik on the European Constitutional Settlement

Andrea MoravcsikOne of the greatest benefits of studying at LSE has been to attend public lectures by world leaders and academics. So far my highlight had been the 3-day “tour de growth” with Philippe Aghion. After last night I feel that the most (academically) stimulating experience has been Andrew Moravcsik’s lecture on the “European Constitutional Settlement”.
As a committed federalist I have often found it difficult to agree with Moravcsik’s analysis of the process of European integration. Since his landmark studies in the early 1990s he has long been the defender of the intergovernmental method – acknowledging continuing control in the hand of EU member states. My experience working in and around EU politics over the last 9 years has been different but I have always valued Moravcsik’s contribution as a valid intellectual and academic challenge to any federalist.

With this blog entry I will try to sum up Andrew’s speech Continue reading