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Blogs and news on the EU budget

The budget review has sparked some fresh and good debate on the future of the EU’s budget. A couple of blogs have been opened recently to contribute to this debate and they are probably the best place to gather information over what is going on. Here comes an overview:

LowCarbonBudget.eu by the UK’s Green Alliance. Focuses on the ‘green’ side of the budget but has very competent staff behind and also up-to-date information on general developments.

Budget in Perspective by the German Foreign Ministry. This blog is curently in beta status and will present contributions from known experts, academics and obviously some German officials. It has a useful press overview Continue reading

A low-carbon budget for the EU budget

Perspectives on EU Budget ReformThe Green Alliance, a leading environmental think tank in the UK has recently published “unlocking a low-carbon Europe“, an excellent collection of articles about a climate-friendly budget for the EU. I had the chance to contribute with my article “Winning the Budget Battles” lining out (institutional) strategies to achieve a more friendly outcome for our climate.

Reform of the EU budget matters deeply for the pursuit of the low-carbon economy. For there is arguably no policy lever as important as the EU budget for setting the direction of EU action. While the size of the budget remains close to just one per cent of EU’s Gross National Income, it has the ability to lever additional spending by member states and the private sector. However, it is perhaps its political value that is of most influence. For the way in which the EU spends its resources is the primary indicator of its political priorities and its institutional ability to organise their pursuit.

This collection of viewpoints from diverse businesses and NGOs, social organisations and think tanks, addresses the political challenge of acting on these two priority areas of climate change and the reform of the EU budget Continue reading