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What a night! At least 46 Green MEPs

This was a night! At least for the Greens. My guesstimate from last night was seriously topped by the great showing of many Green Parties across Europe. In particular the French Europe Ecologie went beyond anyone’s wildest imaginations and gained 14 seats. Together with the German Greens (also 14 seats) they alone secured a serious increase of Green MEPs. As of now it looks like the Greens have at least the following MEPs secured:

Austria: 1 (+ 1 after postal voting is counted in around Tuesday)
Belgium: 3 (2 for Ecolo, 1 for Groen)
Denmark 2 (+1 to gain from the Social Democrats, depending on personal votes/preferences that can probably only be declared late on Monday)
Finland 2 (great showing, one more than I thought!)
France: 14
Germany: 14
Greece: 1 (first Greek Green in the EP Continue reading

40 Greens in the 2009-2014 European Parliament (my guess)

Think Big, Vote GreenTomorrow night Europe will have voted and the configuration of the new European Parliament will be known (sorry guys, Eurovision was a few weeks ago). Before that crucial vote I shall guesstimate the composition of the future Green Group in the European Parliament here!

My guess is that there will be 40 original Green members of the Group. This would mean MEPs from member parties of the European Green Party (EGP). However, I expect the group to renew its alliance with EFA (European Free Alliance), the European party of the regionalists parties which I expect to maintain their 6 seats. Moreover, I assume that this common group will also include the 1 MEP of the Swedish Pirate Party. In total the Greens-EFA will then have 47 members out of the new total of 732. This would see a total increase of 4 MEPs and an even higher percentage increase from currently 5,5% to 6,4% in the new chamber due to the changing composition (Nice Treaty).

The following gives an overview of all countries where I expect the Greens to win seats:

Austria: 1
Belgium (Ecolo): 2
Belgium (Groen): 1
Denmark: 2 Continue reading