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The EU should take over the energy grid

Eon’s announcement last week to sell its grid was a massive blow in the face of the German government. Now German consumer groups and SPD MPs demand that “the state” should buy Eon’s grid in order to avoid Gazprom and alikes to buy themselves into the German market.

I think that the EU should float a massive investment vehicle together with the EIB and take over the energy grid inside the EU step-by-step. Then a European regulator could put fair prices and oversee sustainable investment into the grid. Such an approach of creating European public goods besides modern developments (e.g. Galileo) would best fit where the EU has its policy competences in any case. – It is clear that energy will remain as one of the core challenges over years to come and the Commission can create free and fair market conditions only if it gains direct access on regulation and investment. – In addition to breaking the European oligopoly market (= better prices for industry and consuemers) this should be of additional help to less well-off member states who can expect a serious investment in their grid infrastructure thanks to EU and EIB funds.

Now such a project would be a bold step for a bold Commission!