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Moravcsik on the European Constitutional Settlement

Andrea MoravcsikOne of the greatest benefits of studying at LSE has been to attend public lectures by world leaders and academics. So far my highlight had been the 3-day “tour de growth” with Philippe Aghion. After last night I feel that the most (academically) stimulating experience has been Andrew Moravcsik’s lecture on the “European Constitutional Settlement”.
As a committed federalist I have often found it difficult to agree with Moravcsik’s analysis of the process of European integration. Since his landmark studies in the early 1990s he has long been the defender of the intergovernmental method – acknowledging continuing control in the hand of EU member states. My experience working in and around EU politics over the last 9 years has been different but I have always valued Moravcsik’s contribution as a valid intellectual and academic challenge to any federalist.

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Campaigning in Ireland: Dublin this week

European Youth for an Irish YES

Ireland has the choice. This Thursday the people of Ireland will be the only EU citizens voting directly on the adoption of the Lisbon Treaty. According to the latest opinion polls, the outcome is in no way clear. Therefore, I have decided to go to Ireland and try to convince some of the many undecided voters. To vote. And to vote in favour.

My initiative is a part of the wider “European Youth for an Irish YES” campaign of which JEF is a partner.