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Juncker to be European Council president, Miliband EU foreign minister

Apparently the game is set. WELT am Sonntag (or AFP) writes yesterday that a deal has been struck for all the upcoming EU top posts in 2009. Thanks to a clever buy-out of the British (by appointing Brown’s most likely challenger David Miliband as EU foreign minister) Juncker can become president of the European Council and Barroso can remain Commission President. Welt writes that even the liberals will have a job: Anders Fogh Rasmussen may become NATO Secretary General. The 2009 table should look like this then:

Commission President: Barroso (again from November 2009 as leader of the new Commission)

EU High Representatitive for Foreign Policy (foreign minister): David Miliband (from November 2009 – with the new Commission)

President of the European Council: Jean-Claude Juncker (from 1st January)

EP president: Jerzy Buzek (EPP, first half), Martin Schulz (PPE, second half – if not German EU Commissioner)

NATO Secretary General: Anders Fogh Rasmussen

Obviously the Brith Foreign Office is denying the speculations… (s. Reuters). But to me the whole deal makes a lot of sense. Not only that the chosen people are promising to be capable, but also in terms of political logic this mighit actually work out.

Alia iacta est: Buzek next EP president

Handelsblatt today writes that EPP and PSE have struck a deal on the head of the European Parliament for the 2009-2014 term . It is for another time that the two big groups (Europe’s ever lasting grand coalition) decided to share power among themselves.

According to Handelsblatt Jerzy Buzek from the Polish Civic Platform (PO) shall be Parliament president from July 2009. He will be succeeded by a Socialist, most likely group leader Martin Schulz himself in January 2012.

Obviously it is a great symbol to have a member from a “new” member state as Parliament president. Also, I heard little that would put doubt on his credentials. But the whole procedure of hammering out a deal more than a year before the elections, is more than questionable to me!

Europe needs One President – campaign launch: WhoDoIcall.eu

Kissinger bannerRecent speculation about names for the post of EU “President” suggest media interest in names – but little thinking about the implications of the new job. As I have argued in an earlier comment, I am strongly convinced that only ONE President of the EU can improve institutional shortcomings and bring executive in line.

It was over a lunch the other day that Jon and me got this idea of launching a website campaign. It refers to Henry Kissinger’s famous quote “Who do I call when I want to talk to Europe?”. Please check out our website www.WhoDoIcall.eu and sign up if you agree with us that this institutional solution makes so much more sense than speculations (and negative campaigns) about individuals.

There is also a Facebook group and Cause to join and support the idea!