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Who inventend the “Green New Deal”?

Green New Deal groupI am currently working on a meta-study about the job potential of Green policies (or a Green New Deal) in these days of economic crisis. The study should be available in a few weeks – and any input about job estimates and scenario’s is highly appreciated. But while working on this I was wondering who actually termed the phrase of a “Green New Deal”?

From my (limited) EU/German/UK perspective I have so far seen the debate and terminology taking off at different places over the past year. The first essential contribution and to my knowledge also the first mentioning of the term is in Van Jones’ great book “The Green Collar Economy” which must have been out around spring 2008. In this book he devotes a specific chapter to his idea of a Green New Deal (for the US) considering a new partnership encompassing a wide variety of different social groups who would bring about economic change and a low-carbon economy.

In July 2008 the “Green New Deal GroupContinue reading