What a night! At least 46 Green MEPs

This was a night! At least for the Greens. My guesstimate from last night was seriously topped by the great showing of many Green Parties across Europe. In particular the French Europe Ecologie went beyond anyone’s wildest imaginations and gained 14 seats. Together with the German Greens (also 14 seats) they alone secured a serious increase of Green MEPs. As of now it looks like the Greens have at least the following MEPs secured:

Austria: 1 (+ 1 after postal voting is counted in around Tuesday)
Belgium: 3 (2 for Ecolo, 1 for Groen)
Denmark 2 (+1 to gain from the Social Democrats, depending on personal votes/preferences that can probably only be declared late on Monday)
Finland 2 (great showing, one more than I thought!)
France: 14
Germany: 14
Greece: 1 (first Greek Green in the EP – welcome!!)
Luxemburg: 1
Netherlands: 3
Spain: 1
Sweden: 2
UK: 2 (but maybe one more from Scotland – either for Greens or SNP)

Besides the Green MEPs, EFA have stabilised their previous results and gained again 1 from Latvia, 1 from Spain, 3 from the UK (1 Welsh, 2 Scottish); moreover there is my hope that the Swedish Pirate Party MEP will join the Greens-EFA group.

In total this will – so far – make a group of 51 MEPs. If the Greens or SNP gain an additional one in Scotland, have the Pirate Party join and win SF’s third MEP in Denmark as well as the second Austrian, then the group size could go up to 55 MEPs. I have not yet understood what happened to László T?KÉS, the EFA member from Romania.

In any case the current group size of 51 MEPs equals 7% of the total share of MEPs, 55 MEPs would equal 7,5%. This would be an increase from 5,5% at the end of the 2004-2009 term. In consequence the % increase is quite substantial (1,5-2%) and should go along with a broader allocation of group staff and financial resources.

Finally, given the impressive showing of both their national parties, there is hardly any argument now you can put forward against a new Green Group co-leadership under Rebecca Harms and Dany Cohn-Bendit (if they both want it).

The European Parliament should have the overall results up here. Hopefully, there will also be soon all the names of those elected!

NB. Good that I have not put any money behind yesterday’s guesstimate – and even better that the deviation went strongly in the right direction 🙂

1 thought on “What a night! At least 46 Green MEPs

  1. Nightstallion

    T?KÉS contested the election together with the UDMR this time, so he’ll probably sit with the EPP like they do. The second seat here in Austria is already assured.

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